Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Submit Your Gift Guide Suggestions

The Internet is a big, big place.

With handmade marketplaces and amazing handmade sellers own sites popping up every day, it's a lot for a few people to sort through.


Please post your ideas in the comments.
  • Links to Handmade Items
  • Ideas for a Gift Guide Category
  • Links to Handmade Websites
  • Links to Artists Personal Websites ( Buy Direct)
  • Links to Craft/Art Shows that feature handmade artists
and so on...

The Rules for Item Suggesting
  • Only Handmade Items. No Mass Produced Items
  • If you must submit your own item, please submit only one (1) per month.
  • Items must be in part or in whole handmade by the seller. Groups or Clubs that work together to make a quilt, for example, still count as handmade. Handmade Items the seller bought and is "reselling" do not count as handmade.
  • If possible, please include a little blurb about why the item you are suggesting would make a great gift. Who is it for, what occasion, and why does it beat the pants of shopping at the big box store for your gift giving needs.

Thanks so much for your help!


Morrigan said...


Paw and Claw Designs said...

thanks morrigan, added a pic with link to the side bar.

Super Taster & Wonder Buds said...

Here's a great gift for anyone that is pregnant or looking to become pregnant!
The Straight Poop on Pregnancy

UT said...

Unique Treasures - Stylish*Trendy*Chic creates beaded gifts for everyone. Whether you're looking for beaded serving utensils as a housewarming gift, a personalized name bracelet for a birthday gift, or a beaded letter opener and pen set for your boss, Unique Treasures has it all. Best part is, every item is handmade by the owner herself!

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