Sunday, February 1, 2009

Perfect Pairs: Soap and Soap Dishes

This is the first article in the new "Perfect Pairs" series. These will be articles that match up awesome handmade items by different sellers, items I think would go beautifully together.

Today I am focusing on soap and soap dishes. Handmade soap is so beautiful, it deserves a special container. These soaps are almost too pretty to use, but they are great for your skin so go ahead and use them!

This first pair, I imagine in a very sophisticated bathroom with travertine marble tiles. Don't these two just look like they were made for eachother?

Sandalwood Cold Process Soap by MartinsvilleEmporium

Fused Art Glass Trinket Dish Caramel Swirl by Outoftheflames

Here is a pair for the dessert lover. The scents and colors will remind you of rich decadent treats.

Coconut Cream Pie Soap with Shea Butter by soapdeli

Toasty Fused Glass Sushi Dish by GetGlassy

This next pair would look fabulous in a Manhattan penthouse bathroom with sparkling black granite floors and modern art on the walls. DRAMA!

Tropical Black Hawaiian Sea Salt by savor

Moulin Rouge Fused Glass Plate by Littlehandstudios

This pair is for the natural, organic themed bathroom. Celebrating the colors of nature and rustic textures of handmade.

Honey Oatmeal Handmade Soap With Organic Oatmeal by aBreathofFrenchair

Sushi tray -- celadon by oldcatdied

Now here is a fun set, for a bathroom with a tropical or ocean theme. I picked a few soaps for this because it's a big soap dish and these would look cute in a grouping.

Sea Urchin Soap - Rich Goats Milk Soap by happygoatsoap

DONT BE KOI - Little Zen FISH Soap by dugshop

Rainbow Fish Soaps by arizonasoapworks

Ocean Floor by Glassprimitif

Here is another fish theme, but this one is in a more humorous vein. I think the fish bones would be hilarious in a fish shaped dish!

Fish Bones - Scrubbie Shea Butter and Glycerin Soap by SoapLane

Sea Foam Blue Fish Soap Dish by SimplyDaisy

These soaps and dish would be right at home in a feminine, spa-like bathroom, very relaxing and serene.

Raspberry Parfait by pinkparchmentsoaps

Rose White Sparta Artisan Olive Oil Soap by spartasoap
(Isn't this gorgeous? I just love soaps with that ripply wavy top, it looks like whipped cream or cake frosting, so rich and creamy!)

Soap Dishes by burrobranch2

So that is "Her" bathroom, what about the men? I haven't forgotten them!
Joe Sixpack would love these beer soaps set in a recycled beer bottle soapdish.


Oatmeal Stout Bar by GoatsDesigns

Recycled Moosehead Beer Bottle Soap Dish by BigSky

Here is a set that kills me with cuteness. Bright candy colors and whimsical shapes will make you or your guests smile when you wash your hands.

Clean Cotton Tail Bunny Soaps by LoveLeeSoaps

whimsical flower dish by maryjudy

This last pair was inspired by Etsy itself. Owls are the unofficial mascot of Etsy and here is an owl set in Etsy Orange. These are so cute it might inspire hipsters to wash!

Chocolate Owl Soap with Orange Crochet Scarf by EternalSunshine

Forest Owl Soap Dish Tray Orange by fruitflypie