Saturday, November 29, 2008

Come On Baby, Light My Fire.

Everyone Loves Candles.

Well, Everyone HUMAN.
Cats and Dogs and other little critters tend to shy away ;)

Who can resist the gentle flicker or the intoxicating aroma of a scented candle?
Nobody, that's who!

Auntie Di's De-lights offers a wide array of Soy-Wax Candles. Available in 8Oz and 16 Oz Jars, with scent ranging from fruity & delicious to herbal & relaxing, Di's candles make the PERFECT gift. They are already tied up with a pretty little ribbon and tag. Keep a small stash of them for last minute hostess gifts or the occasional forgotten birthday.

Priced range from $8 to $12; Worldwide shipping is Available on Request.

AJ's Country Cottage
While browsing AJ's Country Cottage, my mouth began to water. Though it could be that i skipped breakfast, it's probably because of scents like "Buttercream Frosting", "Black Raspberry & Vanilla", and "GingerBread Spice" This PayPal friendly site is PEFRECT for a surprise gift, as they are "Secret Pal Friendly"

Ten Digit Creations

Who LOVES Business Trips
(looks around to see no hands raised)
Come on! Early Mornings, Boring Meetings, cold and impersonal hotel rooms, it's GREAT!


Ten Digits Creations Travel Tin Candles can help make an nessesary evil a little more bearable. With or without wicks ( for lodgings that don't approve fire in the room), these little marvels make a PERFECT office Secret Santa Gift. Ten Digit Offers TONS of great scents, and is family run, so you can feel good about helping people make a living making things.

Friday, November 28, 2008


I don't have anything nearly this fancy - yet. I've been eyeing some of these for a while trying to decide which one.

Here are some of my favorites I've stumbled upon. A pincushion is always a great gift for anyone who sews!

I love verybigjen's pincushions. If someone gave this to me, I would be so happy!

The next one I found that I really like is from alyson2:

I thought this next one was a cool idea - a pincushion in a teacup! You can find this one in BauerDesigns' shop.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Everyone needs to bathe at some point, right? (I hope so!) Here are some soaps you may want to try for yourself or give to someone during the holiday season.

First up is this natural handmade lavender rose soap (also vegan!) from Sweet-Organics.

Mmmmm, pie. Who doesn't like pie? Especially pumpkin pie? This bar is made by MartinsvilleEmporium.

For the "Manly Man" in your life - a manly soap. Doesn't smell all girly and helps keep skin soft at the same time! Find it in SeattleSundries' shop.

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