Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Everyone needs to bathe at some point, right? (I hope so!) Here are some soaps you may want to try for yourself or give to someone during the holiday season.

First up is this natural handmade lavender rose soap (also vegan!) from Sweet-Organics.

Mmmmm, pie. Who doesn't like pie? Especially pumpkin pie? This bar is made by MartinsvilleEmporium.

For the "Manly Man" in your life - a manly soap. Doesn't smell all girly and helps keep skin soft at the same time! Find it in SeattleSundries' shop.


Paw and Claw Designs said...

oh yum!

you know i'm a soap addict

great selections!

Paw and Claw Designs said...

this is some hella good soap too!

no pun intended ;)

Ivydionne said...

Check out Desert Maiden Bathworks. With soaps named Nutty Carrot Cake, Fizzling Tangerine, Black Cherry, they all look and sound so good I just want to eat them up!

and ...

Happy Goats Soap. I now use her unscented Goatsmilk soap on my sensitive skin and love it, and my husband has just started using her shaving soap (mmmm... sandlewood).